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The Social Security & Elder Law Center
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The Social Security & Elder Law Center
Thomas Henry

7620 N. University Street Suite 203
Peoria IL 61614
(309) 690-3355

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Fax: (309) 690-3354

The Social Security & Elder Law Center

Please Call : 309-690-3355

Social Security Disability Law

Call us today to find out...

  • If you need an Attorney
  • If you qualify
  • How you qualify
  • What to do when you have been denied
  • If you can work part-time

Social Security Law and Regulations

Don't risk your future 'going it alone' against the Social Security Administration. We are here to help.

Be sure your Social Security Representative is board-certified in Social Security Advocacy.

Is your Social Security Representative local or in a call center across the country? We are right here when you need us.

Your Social Security Representative should know...

  • If you can work part-time while on Social Security
  • What amount of money you can earn without losing your benefits
  • What a 'Trial Work Period' is and when it applies
  • When age makes a difference in the outcome of a case
  • When your past work history can have an effect on the outcome of your case

If you do not have the correct information and a qualified attorney to guide you through these steps, it can affect the outcome of your case. Call us today to be sure!

We recommend...

Anyone who has a pending claim for benefits should be represented by a qualified local attorney. It has been our experience that the sooner a qualified local attorney is involved, the sooner the process is for the individual. We are one of the only local Social Security Disability law firms in Central Illinois.

Each case is evaluated individually. Call us today to see if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

We offer an extensive evaluation

Our evaluation process will assess:

  • If you have enough quarters of coverage
  • The severity of your alleged disability
  • Your age
  • Your work history
  • If the condition has lasted more than 12 months or is expected to last more than 12 months.
  • If your condition is terminal

What to do if you’ve been denied

There are several stages to the Social Security process. The first three are 1) the initial filing of the claim, 2) the reconsideration of the claim and 3) the hearing of the claim. In every Social Security claim you have a certain numbers of days to file an appeal to the next stage. If you miss this deadline, it could cost you your claim. Contact our office for a full and extensive review of your claim.

Can you still work part-time?

The true meaning of ‘Disability’ as defined by the Social Security Administration is, “the inability to perform any gainful work activity.” Contact our office so we can make a full and extensive assessment of your file.

Please Call : 309-690-3355

Build a Lifelong Relationship with a Life Care Planner

Questions to ask yourself

1. Do you need solutions for your loved one with Alzheimer's or Dementia?

2. Does your loved one qualify for financial assistance for his or her long-term care?

3. How do I find the right Nursing Home facility for my loved one?

4. Are you an Honorably Discharged Illinois Veteran?

5. Are you or a loved one making the transition to hospice care?

Elder Care

Life takes careful planning. Your wishes for your healthcare, property and heirs should not be left for others to decide. Life Care Plans at Thomas M. Henry Law Offices are more than legal advice, you can have peace of mind that plans for your estate will be carefully and clearly detailed. And, if you are unable to travel, Mr. Henry and his staff will come to you.

Assisted Living

Protection for your loved one. When it’s time to look into placing your loved one into a nursing home or for securing in-home care, call Mr. Henry for a Nursing Home Review Package. He will help you with the Medicaid and/or Veteran Benefits application process and advise you on the best path to take for your family.

Social Security Disability

Informed Representation. You need to know the Social Security law and regulations before you venture into the application process. A Board Certified Social Security Advocate, Mr. Henry can guide you through the many aspects of a complicated process. Answers to questions on how to qualify, whether or not you can work part-time, how your work history will affect your claim will all play a role on the outcome of your case. Call today for an extensive evaluation of your claim.

General Law

Legal Representation. Mr. Henry handles a wide variety of legal matters. Call our office today for a consultation.

Please Call : 309-690-3355

Meet the Staff

Thomas M. Henry, Attorney at Law

Thomas M. Henry, Attorney at Law

Born in 1953, is a Woodruff High School graduate. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Theater from Illinois State University and earned his Juris Doctorate from Southern Illinois University in 1978.

Attorney Henry achieved his Social Security Disability Advocacy designation from the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification and is now board-certified in Social Security law.

Chastina Shurts, Life Care Manager

Chastina Shurts, Life Care Manager

Born in 1975, Chastina is also a Woodruff High School graduate. She completed her Associate Degree in Applied Science at Illinois Central College and graduated with an American Bar Association-approved certificate in Paralegal Studies in 2006.

Chastina has ten years of medical training and is very knowledgeable regarding healthcare law.

Andrea Bridges, Paralegal

Andrea Bridges, Paralegal

Born in 1982, Andrea is a Girard High School graduate, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Illinois University in 2005. She obtained her certificate in Paralegal Studies from Illinois Central College in 2007 from the American Bar Association-approved program.

Andrea has had experience working for several state governmental agencies and has extensive knowledge in Social Security Disability law.


Please Call : 309-690-3355

Social Security Disability & Elder Law

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  General Law

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